AnleitungEs geht darum, mit der numerischen Tastatur die markierten Tasten (mit einer Figur drauf) zu drücken und Punkte zu sammeln. Tontie und weitere Top Online-Spiele kostenlos spielen auf - inkl. Tontie Tipps, Tricks und Videos! Schlage den Monstern mit dem Hammer. Tontie Game InfoYou are player number 50, Skip To Game. Game Information; Description: It's difficult to put this game into words. tontie

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Tontie And I love your idea of cookl math games more people involved! I happened to win an extra curve ball from a chest at that point, so I could relax about the gold a bit. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up only if you have the Pikopiko hammer!! Pick a theme Red Blue Pink. DANG, level 10 is HARD! Hitting them later when the boss has changed his number works if you can keep up. Diamond or ice hearts are hearts that have been frozen by hitting a diamond or ice heart that comes out of a treasure chest. Great game- I would suggest not trying to kill the stone guys at all unless there is nothing else troublesome one the board, AND you have golden hammer, AND you have wings. Lego city feuerwehr video finally i got lucky and got lots of shops in a row Master always resets to eye right after exiting the shop and a diamond.
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Micky maus spiele online Don't just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames. Well, you can save money and buy items you want. I forgot to say that sometimes it sends you back a lego city feuerwehr video if you try to glitch it but most of the time i get through okay. If you use the www weihnachten de code, you get one of. Thank you, Tooth, Thank you!! I ALMOST beat him two times, but just as I was delivering the finishing blow, GAME OVER. Hit it when it's unprotected!! So just keep trying.
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I believe those grey keypads are more like lvl codes than save points. I have max health and gold hammer with wings so I hope you can The beta's simplicity makes it more fun in a pure mad reflex kinda way. Eyemaze seems to jetpack spiele down, and its been that way for awhile. Ive been playin tontie forever.

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ALLE SPIELE FÜR MÄDCHEN. It's nice to have more gold and I do try to pick it up but only when I can. Well I guess it's all good, because winning Tontie feels GREAT! Some enemies require more than one hit, others require hits with precision timing, and others instruct you to hit a different key entirely than the one it appears on. I just wish there was more to this game. I got very very close several times without diamond hearts, so I don't think they are absolutely necessary. I have already played a week! I have tried Galt's suggestion of combining diamond hearts with the lazer gun. I tried disabling all of my firewalls and internet protection and lowered my security to the lowest possible and the website would still not load. I don't think it's a bug so much as it's a reward. I try to get them all but the number on the big boss prevents me from following my usual strategy, and so most of the moles go down without being gratis hund. Apps Multiplayer Action Adventure Puzzle Girls Racing Sports More For you Top Categories. Spotlight My Dolphin Show World. If you let them drop, you get a pretty big boost on your health. I got the diamond heart when the big boss was about half way gone, obviously this was huge. I need my fix A lot of people have been looking for it since the eyezmaze site went down. Nor will any of the eyezmaze website load. It does 7 damage. With that placement I can easily get to any of the keys quickly. So far the changing eyeballs with the blue maces are the worst for me. You must kick him untill the thing above his head is empty. One of them is already mentioned and get you level 1, bronze hammer, and coins. I'm on a laptop and I only have the numbers at the top of the keyboard in a line, which makes it way harder. There's some good info in there. Ive been playin tontie forever. I would also suggest getting max money in the first 10 or so level, and buying things in this order: It appears that ON's site is suffering from extremely high volume, or the server is just running ultra-slow. It does 7 damage.

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Tontie ver.1 (Levels 11 - 15)




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